Kelly O'Connor


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The advanced collector looks for an opportunity to be among the first tier. I call them trendsetters!

- Dimensions: 12 x 18

- Edition of 100 (5 APs)

- 120# off white paper

- Printed by Manola + Maria (San Antonio, TX)

Print comes unframed in an acid free acrylic sleeve. Artist recommends framing in a white float. 

Collecting limited edition prints is a good way to begin or supplement an art collection. Purchasing within an edition guarantees an image is not reproducible outside of the set parameters, therefore retaining it's value. 

Inspired by her No Man’s Land (2017) series, Kelly O’Connor created this exclusive print for Lottie Mae Lounge. This print shows the tension between empowerment of women and their silenced energy from the 70s. Using a 3-color pull process, split grade printing technique, floral imagery in the headdress is painterly with intense, saturated colors of orange and pink, complimenting the remaining half tones.

No Man’s Land #2 is an extension of O’Connor’s current work on view at The McNay. Like Multifaceted Woman, this print references O’Connor’s use of using iconic characters exploring themes of artificial happiness portrayed in pop culture
and literature.

Kelly O'Connor addresses central themes that include gender, feminism and family. Her work combines memory, fantasy and fiction, often drawing from Western folklore and the use of iconic characters. In her collage works, O'Connor juxtaposes candy-colored surfaces that are almost sickly sweet with papers sampled from vintage record covers. The appropriated images are drawn from films, advertising and magazines, as well as amusement park and travel memorabilia, from the 1950's and 1960's, a period rich in American stereotypes. Much of O'Connor's work is about exposing the realities behind the public facades of these icons as well as the society that they represent. O'Connor studied Visual Arts at the University of Texas at Austin where she received a BFA in Studio Art in 2005 and at the University of Texas, San Antonio, where she received her MBA in 2020. O'Connor has exhibited at the San Antonio Museum of Art and the McNay Art of Museum in San Antonio, Women and Their Work in Austin and the Blaffer Museum in Houston. Represented by David Shelton Gallery in Houston, her work included in the Texas Biennial and New American Paintings in 2013. She is the Head of Collections and Communications at Ruby City (Linda Pace Foundation) in San Antonio, Texas.